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I am Deb Andraca, and I have been working for safer, smarter, healthier communities my whole life. I want to bring your voice to Madison where I will continue to fight for all Wisconsin families.

Common Sense Gun Laws


A few years ago, after many years as a stay at home mom, I went back to school to get my teacher’s license where I experienced a lockdown drill in our school for the first time. The lights were turned off, students were gathered together away from doors and windows, and the entire classroom of elementary school students was totally silent. Dead silent. It was incredibly frightening for me and for my students. So I decided to take action. I joined Moms Demand Action to fight for common sense gun laws and have been leading the Milwaukee-area group ever since.

When I met with Jim Ott just a few days before the special session on gun safety, I asked him to support background checks and extreme risk protection orders. Jim Ott said no. I am a gun owner, and I will say YES to measures that reduce gun violence while protecting our second amendment rights. 

Support for Our Schools and Our Teachers

My experience volunteering in my daughters’ classrooms, serving as a PTO president, then going back to school at age 43 for my teaching license meant spending lots of time in many different schools, from urban to suburban, public to private. We have excellent public schools in our district, but we also face many challenges. Our schools need the best teachers, tools and talent to prepare our kids for 21st century jobs, but they can’t do this without reliable state education funding. 

There are great teachers who are being hired and fired because our elected leaders are playing politics with school budgets. I know students who desperately need special education intervention, but there isn’t enough funding or trained staff to meet their needs. Education should not be a partisan issue. All students deserve high quality schools, and our district’s excellent schools require better, more consistent support.

Better Access to Health Care

My family is incredibly fortunate to have health insurance through my husband’s job, but for too many Wisconsin families this isn’t the case.  The rising cost of healthcare has forced many of us into very high-deductible plans, if we can afford insurance at all. 

I remember when my daughters were little, sitting at their bedside when they were sick and wondering if they have a $200 cough - that’s what a visit to the doctor would cost before we met our deductible.  My oldest daughter has asthma.  When your child can’t breathe, you don’t have time to calculate the cost.  One ER visit, where the treatment was breathing into a brown paper bag, cost $800!  No family should have to go bankrupt because of medical bills, and we should not have to gamble with our kids’ health because we can’t afford a visit to the doctor.  We need to do everything we can to cover more families and bring down the cost of health care. 

Protecting Wisconsin’s Environmental Legacy

My first “real” job out of college was in Washington DC at the Solar Energy Industries Association, and later I became communications director at the Environmental Law and Policy Center of the Midwest. I learned how green technology can create great 21st century jobs while driving economic development, and I worked to preserve natural areas such as the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest and valuable prairie land along the Mississippi. 

Jim Ott is a politician and former TV weatherman who denies that climate change is real. In fact he used to publish a newsletter “debunking” climate scientists! We can’t allow someone who does not believe in science to make decisions that affect our kids’ future.  Our district has more than 20 miles of Lake Michigan coastline that need our protection.  I will vote to protect our natural areas while driving economic development with sustainable jobs for our future.

For all of these reasons and more, I am running for state assembly to make Wisconsin safer, smarter and healthier. My daughter Mia will turn 18 just a few weeks before election day, and I want her very first vote to be cast for her Mom. She likes to remind me that I have to earn her vote, just like I plan to earn yours. I hope you will vote for me, Deb Andraca, for State Assembly on November 3rd.