We Need Your Help To Get On the Ballot!

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We MUST collect at least 200-400 signatures by May 31st in order to be on the ballot in November!  If you live in the 23rd district, are at least 18 years old, and are eligible to vote in November, please print, sign, and mail our nomination petition! 


How can you help? It will take just a minute!


Step 1: Print this form 


Step 2: Fill out the form -- a few key things to know: 

  • YOU are an “elector” and so is everyone in your house who is eligible to sign it. 

  • AFTER all voters in your household have signed, you fill out the bottom part -- “Certification of Circulator” -- and lastly, date the form. The date at the bottom can not be earlier than any of the dates at the top.

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Step 3: Mail the petition to:

Friends of Deb Andraca

4230 N Oakland Ave PMB #283

Milwaukee, WI 53211


If you do not have a printer, email your address to or text your address to 414-702-8252 and we will happily send you a nomination form. No stamp? Text us and we will pick it up outside your home.

Step 4: Help us spread the word! Please forward this page to all your friends and neighbors, post a picture of you and your petition on social media.


When are the forms due?
We need to have the completed nomination forms by May 15 to give us enough time to review them for accuracy and get them ready for the Wisconsin Election Commission.


Why do you need to do this?

The Wisconsin Election Commission requires all candidates to collect ballot signatures, but this year it is a huge challenge. We are committed to doing so in a way that protects public health.


Can anyone sign?

You must be 18 or older, a resident of the 23rd Assembly District, and eligible to vote. If someone does not meet those requirements and signs the form their signature does not count towards our total. All the other signatures on the form still count.


When do you have to have all your signatures collected?

We must have enough signatures collected by June 1st.


How do I know if I am eligible to vote?

Click here for the Complete Guide to Voting in Wisconsin


How do I know if I live in the 23rd District?

You can click here to look up your address and see if you live in the 23rd Assembly District. Generally speaking, most of Whitefish Bay, Fox Point, Bayside, Thiensville, Mequon, River Hills and Brown Deer are in the 23rd district but with the new maps it is always a good idea to confirm.


How do I know if I live in a Town, a Village, or a City?

In Milwaukee County, Whitefish Bay, Fox Point, Bayside, Brown Deer, and River Hills are all villages. In Ozaukee County, Mequon is a city and Thiensville is a village.


What is a “circulator?”

A circulator is usually the person who carries the clipboard around collecting signatures. In this case, the circulator is you. It just means the person who is in charge of the ballot petition -- that piece of paper that you are signing -- you are literally “circulating” the petition to any other voters in your household. 


What is a “partisan office?”

A partisan office means a candidate is running with an affiliated political party, such as Republican or Democrat. Deb is running as a Democrat.


What is a “qualified elector?”

A person who is eligible to vote for a candidate running for office.


What disqualifies someone from voting?

Click here for the Complete Guide to Voting in Wisconsin


Do I have to vote for Deb Andraca if I sign this petition?

No, but we certainly hope you will.


What if I have already signed another candidate’s petition?

You can not sign a petition for two candidates for the same office.

Is this petition for the primary election or the general election?

It is for both elections, the primary election on August 9th and the general election on November 8th.