There is a reason that “safer” is the first word in our campaign -- as the mother of two teenage daughters, my top priority is ensuring safe communities for all Wisconsin families. Parents know that keeping families safe today means something very different than it did just a short time ago. As your representative, I will fight for evidence-based, data-driven solutions to reduce crime and gun violence.

Common Sense Gun Laws:

When I met with Jim Ott just a few days before the special session on gun safety, I asked him to support background checks on all gun sales and extreme risk protection orders. Jim Ott said no. I am a gun owner, and I will say YES to measures that reduce gun violence while protecting our second amendment rights.

The first step in reducing gun violence should be to ensure there is a background check on every gun sale. Today many abusers and criminals can buy guns online, at a garage sale, or from another “private seller” without a background check. This is legal in Wisconsin, and this must change. Background checks alone won’t solve all our gun violence issues, but it is an important first step.

We all need to feel safe in our homes, on our roadways, in our schools, and in our places of worship. To help prevent mass shootings, and to help reduce the epidemic of suicide in our state, I support measures such as red flag laws that allow a judge, using evidence and due-process protections, to remove guns from individuals who are a threat to themselves or others. These laws provide robust due process, strong penalties for anyone making false accusations, and are supported by the Chiefs of Police Association of Wisconsin.

Criminal Justice and Police Reform

Wisconsin must pass meaningful police and criminal justice reform, set standards for police training and recruitment, and set guidelines for use of force. We don’t need a task force, we need to address the root cause of the issues that led to the shooting of Jacob Blake and too many other people of color. It starts with investing in our under-served communities and providing better schools, more mental health and addiction treatment, and strengthening neighborhood-based services to assist people suffering from poverty and homelessness.

In Wisconsin we spend more on incarceration than we do on education. This is wrong. Other states like Texas and Michigan spend less money on prisons while making their communities safer, and even the Trump administration is promoting criminal justice reforms -- yet Wisconsin Republicans including Jim Ott want to move our state backwards by spending nearly $1 billion to build new prisons. It’s time for a better approach.

Drunk Driving:

I support strengthening our drunk/ distracted/ impaired driving laws to keep repeat offenders off the roads. I am the mother of a teenage driver and I worry every time she is out on the road, especially at night. I want Wisconsin’s roads to be safe for everyone at every hour.

Safe and Fair Elections:

We want to spread democracy, not disease, on election day. Jim Ott voted against voting by mail -- from the safety of his home. Let’s make sure every eligible person can vote, and vote safely, with maps that are fair. And let the best candidate win.

Back to Work:

We all want to get Wisconsin back to work safely. This means making sure we open Wisconsin businesses in a way that does not overrun our health care capacity, is based on sound scientific evidence, and adapts business practices to slow the spread of infection.

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