Statement on Wauwatosa Protests

Over the past few days, my friends in Wauwatosa have had their sense of safety shattered. To damage homes and businesses is to dilute the urgent and necessary message that Black lives matter. I believe in the Constitutional right to peacefully protest, but I strongly condemn anyone who does damage or incites violence. That said, we do not need an army’s worth of militarized police at a largely peaceful protest. We never need rogue militias with military-grade weapons showing up in our communities. My campaign’s message of a safer, smarter, healthier Wisconsin starts with the word “safer,” because as the mother of two teenage daughters this matters to me.

Protests are necessary when citizens feel unheard, which is happening right now because our legislature refuses to act. We need leaders who will pass legislation and do their jobs to end police brutality and systemic racism. I urge all protests over the coming days to be peaceful, and I hope Alvin Cole’s family and the community of Wauwatosa can find peace.