Wisconsin Conservation Voters Endorses Deb

One of only three non-incumbents to receive early endorsement.

MADISON – Wisconsin Conservation Voters is proud to announce its first wave of endorsements for candidates running for office in the Wisconsin State Legislature.

“Our endorsed candidates share our values: clean water, clean air, accessible public lands, an equitable, safe democracy, and the pursuit of clean energy,” said Executive Director Kerry Schumann. “We’re proud to endorse this most recent slate of candidates who will fight for a brighter, cleaner, more equitable Wisconsin.”

The Wisconsin Conservation Voters Board vets candidates through a questionnaire, a personal interview, and research on each prospective candidate and their campaigns.

Some of the candidates will face a primary challenge on Aug. 11 ahead of the General and Presidential Election on Nov. 3. Those candidates facing a primary are denoted by an asterisk below.

Wisconsin Conservation Voters endorses the following candidates:

Assembly Rep. Daniel Riemer for Assembly District 7 Rep. Robyn Vining for Assembly District 14 Rep. Kalan Haywood for Assembly District 16 Deb Andraca for Assembly District 23 Rep. Don Vruwink for Assembly District 43 Rep. Mark Spreitzer for Assembly District 45 Rep. Gary Hebl for Assembly District 46 Rep. Jimmy Anderson for Assembly District 47 Rep. Tip McGuire for Assembly District 64 Rep. Tod Ohnstad for Assembly District 65 Rep. Greta Neubauer for Assembly District 66 Rep. Katrina Shankland for Assembly District 71 Criste Greening for Assembly District 72 Rep. Beth Meyers for Assembly District 74 Rep. Lisa Subeck for Assembly District 78* Rep. David Considine for Assembly District 81 Kristina Shelton for Assembly District 90* Rep. Jodi Emerson for Assembly District 91 Rep. Steve Doyle for Assembly District 94 Rep. Jill Billings for Assembly District 95

Senate Sen. LaTonya Johnson for Senate District 6* Sen. Patty Schachtner for Senate District 10 Paul Piotrowski for Senate District 24 Jonathon Hansen for Senate District 30*

“As the General and Presidential Election moves closer, we will continue to endorse candidates who are committed to fight for our air, land, water, health and democracy,” Organizing and Political Director Seth Hoffmeister said. “With the future of Gov. Evers’ veto power in jeopardy as well as the future of clean energy policy, clean water policy, and voting rights, this election is one of the most important in the state’s history.”

For more information go to conservationvoters.org/elections.